An Interview with Misha Jordan


Misha Jordan is a former police officer and the author of Remembering Lauren. Misha is a native Floridian, currently residing in Tallahassee with her husband, daughter and two adorable furr-babies. Her hobbies include cosplay at Renaissance Faires and conventions, rock painting and gaming (both table top and online).

Could you tell our readers a little more about your family background?
Misha is from my middle name. I use it to keep my writing separate from the financial analyst work I do. My family background is Scottish on my father’s side, which cursed me with a Ginger’s red hair and fiery passions.
Who inspired you to start writing?
I think I’ve been writing since I was a kid. My parents love to tell the story of how they were called into school when I was in first grade because my writing had convinced the teacher that something I had written was real (it involved a twin sibling which didn’t actually exist). I think of the world as my inspiration. Everyone I see, everyone I meet or interact with is a potential character or story.
What is the hardest aspect of writing for you and how do you work through it?
Definitely the hardest thing for me at this point is carving out enough time for all the projects I have. I’m halfway through my edits for the sequel to Remembering Lauren and have two other projects waiting.
What has been the most rewarding part of publishing your novel?
Talking to and hearing from people who read and enjoyed the story. It’s also opened this whole new world of other writers, illustrators and bloggers which I’m enjoying immensely. I’ve never experienced a more supportive group of people.
What personal experience has been most useful in writing and publishing your work?
My time in law enforcement and my various life experiences have been most useful in creating my stories. Publishing has been more of a learning curve.
 What are you working on now? 
Currently I’m finishing up book two in my Glenwood series, tentatively titled A Deadly Lesson. It’s taking up all my attention until it’s ready for publication.
Thank you for your time and best wishes on your second novel. You can find Misha’s book on Amazon and make sure you follow her Author page. I have purchased the book and look forward to reading it.

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