Montaigne on Cannibalism

My more literate friends think that I am insane for reading all (or at least large portions) of the works of important authors, instead of just the highlights. My point is that it is important to read authors more completely to understand the context in which the highlights are couched. Often I've come across an… Continue reading Montaigne on Cannibalism

Book Review: Remembering Lauren

Mysteries are a wonderful escape from the world. Life is so complex that our everyday problems rarely resolve themselves as neatly as they do in fiction. That charm should not be underestimated. Remembering Lauren is the first novel by police officer turned author Misha Jordan. The story features Nikki Freeman, a vet tech trying to… Continue reading Book Review: Remembering Lauren

An Interview with Misha Jordan

Misha Jordan is a former police officer and the author of Remembering Lauren.¬†Misha is a native Floridian, currently residing in Tallahassee with her husband, daughter and two adorable furr-babies. Her hobbies include cosplay at Renaissance Faires and conventions, rock painting and gaming (both table top and online). Could you tell our readers a little more… Continue reading An Interview with Misha Jordan